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Training to Work: Professional Training to Reduce Unemployment


02/20/2023 15:15
The realization of the practical part of professional training for the professions "Locksmith" and "Welder" in the facilities of the company TVC d.o.o. Goražde, lasting 200 hours, is underway.

The company for the production of medical beds and functional furniture TVC d.o.o. Goražde, is one of the partners in the project "New approach to job creation: Innovations towards a prosperous labor market", which implements the Local Partnership for Employment in Goražde, with the support of the European Union and the International Labor Organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nedim Velić, head of the technology department at TVC d.o.o., spoke about the importance of training for the company. says:
"This project is extremely important for our company, which in this way gets a professionally trained workforce. The participants of the training have the opportunity to get a job, and therefore it is of great importance for the local community and the reduction of unemployment in the area of BPK Goražda".

Vocational training programs for professions in the metal sector, with the aim of acquiring knowledge to facilitate finding employment, are implemented through a theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part for two groups of participants was realized at SSŠ "Džemal Bijedić" in Goražde.

One of the participants of the training, Peštek Mirnes, who is in the practical part of the training at the company TVC d.o.o. stated:
"I am very satisfied with the training, the theoretical and practical part, because now I have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills for the profession of Welder, which will enable me to find employment."

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