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"Start Your Business" training started in Prnjavor


07.12.2022 15:13
In Prnjavor, Start Your Business training for unemployed people graduates of Secondary School Center "Ivo Andrić" who will be active participants in the labor market from June of next year, has started. Mentoring and financial support program for business development is implemented within the framework of the Sustainable Partnership for Employment project financed by the European Union and implemented within the second phase of the European Union Support to Local Employment Partnerships - LEP II project, implemented by International Labor Organization in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The selected candidates will be supported in two cycles.

Mentoring and professional support during the first cycle will be provided for up to 30 selected participants through participation in the free three-day training "Start your business". During the training, participants will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to develop a business idea that is create a business plan. At the end of the training, unemployed persons will present their business idea in front of the commission, and fine unemployed persons whose business ideas are rated the best can receive financial and advisory support for starting their own business.

In the second cycle, five selected unemployed persons receive support consisting of:

✅ Advisory support, through a free three-day training "Improve your job".

✅ Non-refundable financial aid (grant) in the amount of up to 6,000 KM for co-financing the costs of starting your own business, i.e. registering a business entity

✅ Mentoring support for participants who registered a business entity and started their own business, with the aim of ensuring the long-term development of the best business plans and reducing the risk of stagnation in business, i.e. potential closing of the business.

Local partnership for employment Prnjavor is one of 20 partnerships established in Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the project "Support of the European Union to local partnerships for employment - Phase II" (LEP II), financed by the European Union with 4 million euros, and implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO). . This project aims to contribute to the improvement of employment in local communities through local partnerships for employment and improve the skills and opportunities for employment of persons in a disadvantageous position on the labor market.
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