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Nahla's Training on Tailoring and Sewing Accredited


27.01.2023 10:42
(Text and photos from https://nahla.ba/)

For more than 15 years, through various forms, CEI Nahla facilitates creative tailoring and sewing programs. Over 5,700 women from Canton Sarajevo attended these programs in the period from 2008 to 2023 and it proves that its high value and recognition in the local community. In January 2023, the Ministry of Education of the Canton of Sarajevo granted accreditation for Nahla's Non-formal Adult Education Program - Tailoring and Sewing Training, which will provide additional employment opportunities to the participants of this program.

Over the years, this creative and artistic program brings together participants from different backgrounds, ages, educations, social statuses, around a common interest and is important for strengthening community cohesion. On the other hand, such a diverse group also contributes to the improvement of self-confidence, greater involvement of people within the community, new opportunities in terms of employability, but also motivation for further learning. Often, the works that come out of Nahla's creative workshop are a source of pride and empowerment, not only for the participants but also for the communities in which they live.

The active participation of our students in the design and implementation of the teaching content, as well as in the process of evaluating the results, enabled the adaptation of the program through the years of implementation and a more efficient presentation of the material.

In January 2023, the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Education granted accreditation for the Non-formal Adult Education Program - Tailoring and Sewing Training, as a program that meets the legal requirements for implementation. On the basis of the completed Tailoring and Sewing Training, which lasts 120 lessons, participants are trained to perform simple to moderately complex tailoring and sewing of textile and clothing items, and can work in a craft shop/fashion salon with guidance and according to work instructions .

Nahla, in cooperation with the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo, as part of the implementation of the project "Local partnership for the activation and integration of the unemployed into the labor market" which is financially supported by the European Union, and implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO) - as part of the project "Support of the European Union to local partnerships" for employment - Phase II (LEP II) in the coming days to enroll the first group of participants according to the accredited curriculum. These are unemployed women, who will have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, skills and competences through 120 teaching hours of training, followed by career counseling and connections with potential employers. The program will be free for 12 enrolled participants.
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