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Local Employment Partnerships: Not only jobs, but dignity for vulnerable people


01/14/2022 13:00
All over the world, Local Employment Partnerships (LEPs) are creating jobs and enabling vulnerable people achieve their dreams and provide for their families. With the support of European Union and implemented by ILO, LEPs are planting seeds of success and showing how working together opens new possibilities for everyone.

Viorica Anghel, 35, lives in small village in the south of Republic of Moldova. Due to locomotor issues, she has been suffering from birth, Viorica has never been able to find job and get an employment. But Viorica did not let herself be beaten by the fate and tried to support her family by growing rabbits, chicken, quails and cultivating fruits.

When her son became ill a few years ago, Viorica had to buy bee products for his rehabilitation for a very long time. It was then that the idea of becoming a beekeeper appeared. Asking for the advice and navigating through the internet to find out more about beekeeping, Viorica has been continuously discouraged by people saying that beekeeping is not for women.

Beekeeping is for women too

However, when she found out about a free training course on beekeeping she did not hesitate to apply. For the first time and after many attempts in looking for better future for her family, she has been accepted and her disability was not a hindrance. This is how Viorica became one of many beneficiaries of the LEP that gathered over 20 public and private partners to create and formalize jobs and identify business development opportunities for youth and persons with disabilities in Republic of Moldova.

Viorica passed a theoretical and practical training course in beekeeping, as well as developed business plan within the LEP. She participated in a competition for a grant to start a small business in apiculture and received 2,000 USD.

Looking back on her experience, Viorica said that she still does not believe that miracle like this happens and added: "The most valuable thing that I acquired participating in the LEP, besides knowledge and financial aid, was the confidence that all those involved in this project offered to me and now I am determined to transmit this feeling to other people.”

LEP builds self-esteem

Her son meanwhile grew up and became her right hand. They have ideas on further developing the business and promoting a healthy way of life among the inhabitants of their region.
As part of the commitments within the LEP, Viorica Anghel has set up an individual enterprise and, having her business completely legalized, she plans to hire one or two helpers in the apiary in the future.

She dreams about helping other people with disabilities in the region to follow her path and set up a profitable business. "If I succeeded, then they will also succeed. At the moment, I feel like I have wings! I gained a lot of self-esteem and dignity, things I completely lacked in the past years of my existence, which I can safely call years of perpetual crisis” said Viorica.

Stories like Viorica’s are common within the LEPs, regardless of the country in which the partnerships are implemented.
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