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IPRS 2022 Comes at the Right Time


19.01.2023 15:31
The research on the needs of the future labor market and labor force (IPRS) 2022-2025 was carried out within the project "New approach to job creation: Innovations towards a prosperous labor market" implemented by the Local Employment Partnership of Goražda, whose main goal is to improve the socio-economic situation in Goražde through the construction of a partner ecosystem of employment support.

The IPRS 2022 research aims to eliminate the dilemma of the size and nature of supply and demand for labor in the City of Goražde and identify skills which are in short supply on the market. The current economic, energy and security crisis brings winter to the labor market and calls for an urgent change in the pattern of action of actors in the field of employment.
IPRS 2022 comes at the right time to help key decision-makers in the labor market see specific dimensions of the labor market that have been off the radar until now. Young people find it difficult to find answers to the questions of what occupations are in demand on the market, employers find it increasingly difficult to find the staff needed to remain competitive, and local authorities struggle to find answers to how best to use limited resources to reduce the growing imbalance in the labor market.

These results h will serve as a tool for better management of the labor market and the design of specific actions so that vulnerable groups can better adapt to the needs of the labor market. Also, the research aims to identify trends in the next three years and is open to all employers from the BPK Goražde area.
The report's recommendations address some of the most frequently asked questions in debates on the future of the labor market and opportunities to meet these needs by creating new forms and models of training and adult training.

This report goes a step further by investigating how well the local labor market responds to the demands of employers for the provision of qualified and professional labuor, and what measures need to be taken to mitigate disruptions in the labor market by reducing the supply of labor equipped with the skills necessary to provide higher productivity and competitiveness on the market.

You can download the survey HERE

The Goražde Local Employment Partnership is one of 20 established in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the framework of the "European Union Support to Local Employment Partnerships - Phase II" Project (LEP II), financed by the European Union with 4 million euros and implemented by the International Labor Organization (ILO). ).
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