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Creating 600 New Jobs through 20 Local Partnerships


03/23/2022 17:37

In May 2021, the Internation Labour Organisation in Bosnia and Herzegovina has launched a Call for Project Proposals within the project “EU Support to Local Employment Partnerships – Phase II” (LEP II) funded by the European Union in the amount of 4 million EUR.

The Call was open to all labour market actors who are members of existing employment partnerships in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as those who plan to form partnerships in order to increase opportunities for formal employment at the local level.

Following the selection process, as of March 2022, the ILO has signed implementation agreements with 20 partnerships, which are expected to successfully develop local employment initiatives and provide training and retraining for at least 1,600 unemployed persons.
It is expected that at least 600 of them will be employed after the training.

The selected Local Employment Partnerships and their project proposals are as follows:
  1. "Local partnership for mobilisation and integration of the unemployed in the labour market" - leading partner, Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo;
  2. "A partnership approach to local development Tuzla" - the leading partner, City of Tuzla;
  3. "Local Employment Partnership Gradiška" - leading partner, City of Gradiška;
  4. "LEP Krajina - Improving the labour market and increasing employment in the Northern Krajina" - leading partner "LIR Evolucija" Banja Luka;
  5. "Activation and integration of unemployed persons in the labour market in Una-Sana Canton" - leading partner, Municipality of Bosanska Krupa;
  6. "iSKORAK - A partnership for new jobs " - leading partner, City of Zenica;
  7. "Sustainable Partnership for Employment" - leading partner, Eda Banja Luka;
  8. "3P - Partnerships, Jobs and Entrepreneurship" - leading partner, Municipality of Lukavac;
  9. " Mind Your Own Business" - the leading partner, CEFE BiH Sarajevo;
  10. „TECH-LAB“ - leading partner, Tešanj TRA doo;
  11. "Through mentorship to stronger local employment partnerships - LEP Mentor" - leading partner, LiNK Mostar;
  12. "Development and implementation of employment programme through retraining driven by labour market demand" - leading partner, Chamber of Crafts of Una-Sana Canton;
  13. "Cooperation for Better Competitiveness - CBC" - leading partner, Regional Economic Community REZ doo Zenica;
  14. "Integration of unemployed persons into the labor market with the help of LPZ Banja Luka" - the leading partner of CIDEA Banja Luka;
  15. "Synergy of Livno LEP for Greater Competitiveness and Employability of the Labour Force" - leading partner, LINNOVATE Foundation Livno;
  16. "Support to IT sector youth employment" - leading partner, REDAH Mostar;
  17. "Through a local employment partnership to employment in Pale" - leading partner, Municipality of Pale;
  18. "A new approach to job creation: Innovation towards a prosperous labour market" - leading partner, City of Goražde;
  19. "From a Partnership to Jobs" - leading partner, Association of Citizens "Nešto više" Banovići;
  20. "T4E (Training for employers) - training that meets the needs of employers" - leading partner Development Agency Zepce.
More details on each of the selected partnerships will be available our web site via interactive map in the future.
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