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LEP Stories

All over the world, Local Employment Partnerships (LEPs) are creating jobs and enabling vulnerable people achieve their dreams and provide for their families. With the support of European Union and implemented by ILO, LEPs are planting seeds of success and showing how working together opens new...
Entrepreneurship is a key skill for developing local economies. As a result, the European Union, in cooperation with the International Labour Organization, is supporting successful entrepreneurs, with a focus in particular on young people and women. One of them is Tijana Babić from Prijedor, which ...
It often happens that we come across someone who has moved from a smaller place to the capital or a large community in search of a better life,  better job, or simply a change. However, in recent years, we have increasingly witnessed the stories and examples of people who have made a different ...
Amra and Goran Čurak are a young married couple who are ‘hiding’ behind the successful story of the Čurak Ranch in Travnik. They say that the main ingredient of all their products is love, as they really love what they do.When they discovered that Amra is allergic to gluten, they realized that the avail...
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